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Because of somethings happening at school, and it getting to my one escape here on tumblr, with people getting into my life and saying some horrible things, i’ve decided to delete this account, but i can’t because i’ve lost my password. So just unfollow :)

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Fjekdhapvjaod the fact that this just happened .


Fjekdhapvjaod the fact that this just happened .

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I Am The Friend  on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/48894120/via/tmccay95
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Noose on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/48887421/via/tmccay95
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Text 12 Jan 1 note You know what’s sad? Someone dies every year where I live. Except for last year. Three years ago, Chris Chan died. Two years ago, Ben Bellemas shot himself. Over the holidays, a teacher, Mrs.Phillips died of cancer.
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reminder that you’re beautiful and are worth it 

don’t harm yourself tonight. 

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Throughout my life I’ve suffered like any other human being. I’ve felt broken, I’ve felt like no one cared, I’ve felt alone, I’ve felt like I didn’t deserve to live.

If I could, I would turn back time and go up to myself and proceed to brutally beat myself for even thinking about suicide.

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I held you close
Like a precious jewel
A shining diamond
I, on the other hand,
Is a fading rock,
Stepped and crushed
By various, cruel forces
Of this disasterous world.

A rock may not last forever,
And this is my case.
Our period in this earth is
Only temporary.
But my period, only…

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So so much..


So so much..

Text 12 Jan 3 notes I really just want to end it all right now. ugh

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